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Celebrating Difference offers more than just diversity training. We are a multiracial consulting team who offers outcome focused and research supported training, coaching, and interventions based on a developmental model of intercultural competency. Celebrating differences can make the difference in your life and your organization. When leaders acknowledge and support cultural differences, cultural differences become an asset to performance.Understanding your culture and the culture of those who make up your organization can be the catalyst that propels you to excellence.

What is Intercultural Competence?

How individuals, teams, and entire organizations tend to think and feel about people from cultural backgrounds other than their own, or about diversity and cultural difference.
The extent to which diversity and cultural difference tend to be avoided, thought of in polarizing terms, acknowledged and minimized, or fully valued and understood for its full effect and potential.A deep “culture-general” skill related to one’s mindset regarding any and all dimensions of difference found in domestic and global workforces.

Where is it Relevant?

Virtually any organization with a diverse and/or cross-cultural workforce or customer base. This includes organizations whose customers are other organizations – bear in mind that your customer organizations also have a diverse and/or cross-cultural workforce making their purchase decisions!

The Primary Tool we Apply:
The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI, version 3) measures an individual’s or group’s perceived and developmental level of intercultural sensitivity / expertise in terms of the Intercultural Development Continuum (IDC). IDI is a validated psychometric instrument. The ability to communicate effectively with people of different backgrounds, cultures, or perspectives is essential to creating an inclusive, productive, and innovative workplace. This capability, called well-developed core intercultural competence, is the basis for leveraging peoples’ inputs to improve profitability and business results and to grow your organization.

Training, coaching, and development are more effective when done using the IDI. Why? Learning interventions can take two approaches: “Meet” the participants at their current developmental readiness and use stage-appropriate techniques to encourage development.
Attempt transformation by confronting the participants with significantly more advanced concepts of inclusion and cultural sensitivity than they likely are ready to process.

Research and experience show that the developmental approach is more likely to have a constructive outcome whereas the transformational approach carries with it a higher risk of creating upset and backlash.IDI enables the more-effective developmental approach. The participants’ current level of core intercultural competence can be measured accurately. Stage-appropriate development may then be designed and implemented for each participant or group of participants.