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C elebrating Difference offers more than just diversity training. We are a multiracial consulting team who offers outcome focused and research supported training, coaching, and interventions based on a developmental model of intercultural competency.

Celebrating differences can make the difference in your life and your organization. When leaders acknowledge and support cultural differences, cultural differences become an asset to performance.

Understanding your culture and the culture of those who make up your organization can be the catalyst that propels you to excellence.

What is Intercultural Competence?

How individuals, teams, and entire organizations tend to think and feel about people from cultural backgrounds other than their own, or about diversity and cultural difference.
The extent to which diversity and cultural difference tend to be avoided, thought of in polarizing terms, acknowledged and minimized, or fully valued and understood for its full effect and potential.
A deep “culture-general” skill related to one’s mindset regarding any and all dimensions of difference found in domestic and global workforces.

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“Tamara is one of those people who can draw in her audience, get them excited about her topic and then passionate to make a change. She is sincere, funny and genuinely cares about her clients and her audiences getting ideas and best practices that can make a difference. And she’s engaging, there is never a dull moment when Tamara is speaking!”

Dixie Agostino, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, CPC / CEO at Switchgear Search and Recruiting

“Tamara provided a safe and comfortable space to discuss culture differences in the classroom, and among colleagues. Tamara challenged me to think deeper about my own identity and how I can work with others with culture differences, while maintaining who I am. Tamara was engaging and funny while discussing a topic that can easily get tense. The activities were exciting and helped the group become more aware of themselves and others. Becoming cultural competent is not an easy task, but Tamara helps give ideas and next steps. Tamara said, “If you aren’t failing at something you aren’t risking enough, and you are perpetuating the status quo.” I have thought of that quote ever since. I highly recommend Tamara for any organization or company that wants to challenge themselves and become more culturally competent. By far the best diversity session I’ve ever been to!”

Abbey Canaday / 7th Grade Mathematics Instructor and Teach for America 2015 Corps Member

“Tamara was the instructor for a professional development class that I attended (cultural competency in the classroom). I felt that this session was a very valuable professional development. I gained more awareness of cultural sensitivity. This session made me think more about myself and that you have to completely understand yourself before you can understand others. Tamara is passionate and knowledgeable about cultural competency and is very enthusiastic when delivering the material. Tamara held my attention the entire time and was very engaging in her class. Tamara helps you to understand how to think outside the box and attempt to not limit yourself or assume things of others. After taking this class I am very interested in learning more about cultural competency and I will definitely recommend this class to my coworkers.”

Courtney Whitson / Teacher

“Tamara is a very intuitive coach that quickly let me feel safe with her and go thus go much deeper than with other coaches. She laughed with me and held a vast space for me to grow into. Love her use of profound silence and whoa! powerful questions.”

Victor Harder / Executive & Career Coach | Coaching SuperVisor | IT Strategist | Workshop Facilitator | Spiritual Director | Going Deep!

“I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in a leadership program designed and delivered by Tamara Lebak. This was a year long class and added incredible value to my life. My personal growth and increased skills in systems/process awareness, leveraging relationships, etc…have helped me see the world from a new horizon. The skill and expertise she brought to this group led me to be connected and aware on new levels. Our class will be impacting the world for years to come. Empowered, enlightened and motivated to impact society on many levels, this group of people have all blossomed during this process. Tamara has mastered leader building”

Chris Freedom / Vice President of Operations

“Our firm utilized Tamara’s expertise to help get us through a transitional period. Without her help our transition could have been destructive. Her consulting allowed our team to see insights into each other and ourselves that provided a path to constructively moving forward and placed new accountabilities on each member in a way that was easily accepted and empowering to do the next right thing for our organization. This could not have been achieved without Tamara’s unique and professional approach.”

Kyle Hazelrigg / Avirodha Consulting Group

“Tamara has quickly become a trusted partner for our executive coaching needs. She is my go-to resource for problems when I need an innovative external expert opinion. I highly recommend Tamara for personal coaching, situations where insight is needed on mission critical organizational dynamics, and high impact results.”

Aaron Bean, PMP / Co-Founder at Asemio

“Tamara unique skills as a intercultural competency training in my opinion has separated her from many! Her passion, curiosity, and sensitivity in the field of true diversity has broaden my perspective in my discipline of work as an urban developer. I have had the privilege in working with Tamara, and I give her my highest recommendation!”

Antoine Harris / CEO at Alfresco Development LLC.

“Tamara is a consultant for OCCJ, providing Intercultural Competency training for our clients. Tamara has an amazing knowledge of theory and practice concerning cultural issues in the workplace. OCCJ is very proud to be working with Tamara in our efforts to promote understanding and respect in Oklahoma among all races, religions and cultures through advocacy, conflict resolution and education.”

Joshua Oaks /

“amara Lebak has been my mentor and friend for several years. I find that she is extremely knowledgeable in a wide range of issues, such as productive leadership, effective communication, and in building strong personal and professional relationships. Tamara has strong insight into the needs of others. Her ability to stay engaged and her sensitivity, coupled with her willingness to listen, helps her to stay grounded and present in most situations. It has been a true honor to have her as a friend and colleague. She has my highest recommendation. ”

Randy Lewis M.B.A., M.Div. / Sr. Consultant at ValorBiz (Valor Professional Services)

“Tamara is one of the most intelligent, talented, energetic, and dedicated people I know. Her integrity and professionalism are outstanding. One can be certain that when Tamara takes on a project, she will give it the attention and energy that will ensure the project’s success.”

Dmitri Sobol / Senior Business Systems Analyst at Cognizant